Diaper rash

Diaper rash: Symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment

Before we go into details, let’s understand what a diaper rash in a newborn is…

It is a very common skin condition in children wearing diapers. It is caused by the skin coming in contact with the urine or feces in the diaper.

While mild cases of diaper rash are painless, severe cases can cause a lot of discomfort and distress in babies. It is one of the most common skin problems in babies and it needs proper rash care.


  • A diaper rash is a red rash that has raw skin in and around the diaper area as in some cases, the rash spreads to the baby’s stomach and back.
  • The skin might be raised or swollen. The rash makes your baby irritable and unsettled.


  • Moisture from the urine or feces of the baby is what usually causes diaper rash. The friction created by the diapers rubbing on the baby’s skin is another cause of diaper rashes.
  • Sometimes diaper rash is caused by bacteria, yeasts, soaps or detergents, or baby wipes.
  • Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, thrush, or impetigo make the diaper rash worse and more painful.
  • When should the baby be taken to a doctor?

See a doctor if:

  • the rash doesn’t clear up in one week

  • there are blisters, crusts, or pimples

  • your baby has a fever

  • the rash is spreading

  • your baby is very upset

  • if you have a son, the end of his penis is red and swollen or has a scab

Your doctor or pharmacist may need to give you a medicated cream to treat the nappy rash. If it is caused by eczema or a skin infection, your doctor will need to give you the right treatment.

How is a diaper rash treated?

There are a number of baby skincare tips you can follow to take care of the diaper rash in your baby. Here are some tips:

  • Use good quality diapers. If one brand/kind of diaper doesn’t suit your baby, try other brands and kinds.

  • Leave your baby’s nappy off whenever possible to keep your baby’s skin dry and away from any contact with wee or poo. Lay them on a towel during tummy time or any floor play and always keep an eye on whether the diaper is wet.

  • Use only warm water to clean the rash area

  • Perfumed soaps and baby wipes can irritate the skin. Avoid them.

  • Use diaper creams containing zinc oxide. Petroleum jelly is also helpful.

  • Use cotton towels while drying their skin.

  • Do not use antiseptic powders or talcum powder.

Preventing diaper rashes:

Diaper rashes can be prevented by keeping your baby’s skin clean and dry and in order to do that, you will have to change diapers frequently. Do not shy away from changing your baby’s nappy 5-7 times a day even if you are at home.

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