When and Why Prenatal yoga for normal and healthy delivery?

  • Natural birthing experience can be achieved through prenatal yoga which helps in easy labor preparation,makes you ready for healthy and happy experience of lifetime.
  • Modified positions during the second trimester improve general health by accommodating a growing belly.
  • Labour preparation classes incorporate pelvic floor movements and relaxation techniques to help the body get ready for labour as the due date draws near.
  • TThroughout, it relieves tension, cultivates a close bond with the foetus, and gives a network of support.
  • Parental yoga is a comprehensive strategy that is customised to each stage of pregnancy to support the physical and emotional health of the expectant mother.


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Usually the second trimester is regarded as the best time to begin pregnancy yoga classes as this phase would have lesser bouts of morning sickness. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals offers some of the best pregnancy exercise and childbirth classes for expecting mothers so that they can be well prepared for labor and delivery

Prenatal yoga or pregnancy exercise classes can help boost your sleep, reduce your anxiety and stress, increase the muscles' strength, endurance, and flexibility in preparation for childbirth, reduce headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, and lower back pain. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals offers some of the best pregnancy yoga classes for all new and expecting mothers so that they can be well prepared for labor and delivery.

Check for the years of expertise, the overall reputation of the prenatal yoga specialists and also the hospitals facilities before you choose your pregnancy yoga classes. BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals conducts some of the best pregnancy yoga classes for new and would be mothers. Their classes are conducted by some of the best antenatal and prenatal specialists who have multiple years of experience in training women with positive habits during pregnancy. This also provides an added advantage for all to be part of a community of like minded women

The main responsibility of your healthcare provider is to ensure your health as well as your baby's health throughout pregnancy and during delivery. Your healthcare provider is likely to give you instructions and provide educational materials throughout the course of your pregnancy. It is important that you ask all your questions and share your concerns regarding your delivery. Prenatal classes will also help you understand the functions and roles of various doctors.

With what you learn in your childbirth and preparation classes, you can create a birth plan with input from your healthcare provider. Labor preparation classes can help you plan for your pregnancy, labor and delivery in a more efficient manner. It will help you prepare for what will happen on the day of the delivery. You need to be open-minded while creating the plan as it is very likely that things will change during labor and delivery, so your plan might have to be altered. It is hard to predict exactly how things will unfold, but you can still design a birth plan as per your expectations.