Baby care in summer

Here are some tips to keep your baby happy in summer

Summer can be a difficult time to take care of babies, any lapses in the care given to them could lead to some serious issues and even experienced parents might face changes during harsh summer. Here’s an article addressing those challenges to help you take good care of your baby in the summer.

Proper baths: Choose mild baby soaps that don’t cause irritation on the baby’s skin as rashes can get pretty bad in summer and you would not want to wait until an irritation turns into a rash. Bathing them properly will eliminate three main causes of skin problems on your baby’s body – dust, sweat, and grime. A good bath will help get rid of all these problems during summer.

Keep your baby cool: Do not cover your baby in multiple layers of clothing in summer. It is important to make your baby feel comfortable and let their skin breathe in the summer. Do not hesitate to peel off a few layers of your baby’s clothing because fewer layers mean less warmth. Make sure you dress your baby in light-colored clothes, preferably loose-fitting clothes made of skin-friendly fabrics.

Keep them fresh: Always keep a pack of baby wipes handy, especially in summer when the weather can be dusty, and hot leading to sweat. Keeping a packet of baby wipes available at all times will help you give your baby baths whenever needed, even if you are traveling. Baby wipes allow you to get rid of dust, sweat, and grime from your baby’s skin, and also take care that your baby remains clean and cool. They can be refreshing for your baby’s skin.

Keep your baby hydrated: Give your baby enough water throughout the day. Your baby may not be able to ask you for water, but you have to remember to give them water from time to time, especially in the summer. Offering them water every couple of hours should be enough in most cases. If you’re breastfeeding, your breastmilk can suffice your baby’s hydration needs.  Use good skin moisturizers for your baby’s skin as their skin may also rapidly lose moisture in summer, much like an adult’s skin. Dehydration can lead to serious consequences for your baby, so keep your baby hydrated at all times.

Step out well-covered and wisely: It is best not to expose your baby to the hot sun. But in case you cannot avoid stepping out with your baby, make sure you cover their skin well and they are not exposed directly to the sun. Make sure you carry all baby care essentials in the diaper bag – extra diapers, baby wipes, baby soap, baby lotion, and a good diaper rash cream.

All that being said, when it comes to baby-related concerns, your general approach must be to prevent rather than cure. Avoiding traveling during the peak sun hours is always recommended, even if you are taking all the necessary precautions.