Benefits of prenatal yoga

In our last article, we learnt what prenatal yoga is. We have also learnt how it is different from regular yoga. In today’s article, we will learn how beneficial it is for mothers-to-be. Before getting further into details, let’s all understand that taking up prenatal yoga can be the first time for you to be taking up any form of yoga in your life, and yes, it is absolutely alright. As long as your doctor has advised you to stay physically active, you are absolutely good to go for taking up prenatal yoga. Now… Like regular yoga, prenatal yoga also has calming effects on one’s mind, making it all the more worthy.
  • Cutting down the risks of pregnancy-related complications and preterm labour are amongst the top benefits of prenatal yoga. Since it not only keeps you physically healthy but also helps you remain mentally healthy, prenatal yoga lowers stress levels, which have been shown to increase miscarriages.
  • Prenatal yoga sessions which include meditation and breathing exercises, are particularly helpful, as the calmness induced by aforementioned factors has stabilising effects on moods.
  • Women practising prenatal yoga are known to show lower risks of hypertension, miscarriages, and preterm births, while being generally more active and happy.
  • Many women who do not have any health issues going into the pregnancy, are advised to take up prenatal yoga over other exercises like walking. One of the main reasons for doctors to advise so, is its ability to keep blood pressure levels in check.
  • As we all know, managing weight during and post pregnancy is one of the most difficult challenges faced by women. However, regularly practising prenatal yoga will prove helpful in managing weight during the pregnancy and getting back in shape with a considerable ease post delivery too.
  • According to studies, women who have spent at least a couple of weeks practising prenatal yoga have been faster in delivering the baby, spending less time in labor. Core strength built up during yoga sessions, muscle contractions and breathing exercises learnt during the exercises have all been known to have made birthing easier, quicker and in many cases, less painful too.
  • Not only does it aid during the pregnancy and labor, but it is also extremely helpful in keeping the baby healthy inside the womb. Considering all the benefits, it is safe to say that you need no apprehensions before enrolling yourself for a prenatal yoga class.
Think no more, pick up your yoga mats and get going. Happy yoga to you!