What to expect from your 7-month-old baby

Your little one’s past the half-year mark and you can’t keep calm about it! Well, don’t… List lots of playing, exploring, discovering, and learning on the agenda for your 7-month-old baby. If your baby is not sitting up already, be ready for a possible surprise. They might also chew on things more often because they’re likely to sprout their first tooth around this age and expect them to always be in a mood to explore by crawling or creeping. Now that we know a few important things, let’s try to understand what else is happening with your 7-month-old.
  • Sleeping Basics:
Your baby is less likely to sleep throughout the day now. They might typically sleep for about 9-11 hours in the night along with a couple of naps here and there during the day.
  • Feeding Basics:
You can now start giving your baby semi-solid foods like cereal, soft fruit, and boiled vegetables along with about 700ml of breastmilk and formula.
  • How your bundle of joy is growing:
By now your baby is comfortably rolling back and forth from tummy to back and back to tummy. They may now start sitting up from their tummy being on the ground, using the support of things around them. Meanwhile, some bloom really early and start crawling, and creeping and some end up taking a few steps holding onto things… Who knows? Maybe your little one has some surprising tricks for you up their sleeve. Do not be disappointed, however, if your 7-month-old has not done any of the things mentioned above, each baby grows at their own pace. Not crawling, creeping is not at all a cause of concern. If your baby is part of the crawling set, keep in mind that there’s no definitive way to crawl. Some start with crawling backward, some crawl sideways, some on their bottoms, and others travel on their hands and feet. How your baby moves from one point to another at this age is not all that important… But now that they are getting a move on in their lives, you might want to choose their toys and playthings tactfully. Stuff like toy cars, balls, and any other toys with wheels or toys that roll will help your baby move around easily as they can take the help of these toys while they move. While we now know what can be expected from your 7-month-old, we will look into their growth, development, need for supplements, and more on their food in the article to follow.