What is Sleep Disorder? Types of Sleep Disorder? Causes and Symptoms?

Healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, and influencers have been shouting from the rooftops about the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep. Well, there has been enough, and more study was done on the importance of sleep, quality sleep, and sleep in the day and age we live.

Lancet conducted a study in India, which concluded that 5.4% of the population in the age bracket 30-69 face a moderate risk of sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder. However, the awareness around sleep challenges and disorders is disheartening; therefore, the importance of good sleep is also not taken seriously.

Another survey looked at the overall sleeping habits and the impact of various sleep patterns on the respondents’ well-being. Again, 81% agreed that poor sleeping habits can have a direct and adverse effect on the overall quality of life and that getting enough and more sleep is crucial to maintain one’s immunity. Those who struggled with sleep also said they experienced mood swings and difficulty concentrating.


The two most common sleep disorders are insomnia and sleep apnea, contributing to 90%-92% of overall sleep issues.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can make it difficult to fall back to sleep or stay asleep, affecting your mood and quality of life the following day. This can be due to stress or a traumatic event, and our experienced team of specialists are geared up to help you combat this problem with ease through comprehensive care and treatment. 

Sleep Apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea, is another sleep disorder where snoring is the main symptom. Snoring is considered a good sign but could also be a symptom of an underlying condition. For example, feeling extremely sleepy during the daytime, fatigue, and inability to concentrate all indicate poor sleep quality.


There could be various factors why someone would have a sleep problem. Causes may differ, but most sleep disorders are rooted in the fact that the body’s natural sleep cycle is disrupted. Factors that cause sleep disorders are:

  •         Physical discomfort
  •         Medical issues
  •         Mental Health problems
  •         Habitual issues like consumption of alcohol or substance abuse
  •         Working the graveyard shift
  •         Inappropriate intake of medication
  •         Ageing


Symptoms experienced due to a sleep disorder are as follows:

  •         Falling asleep at the wheel
  •         Inability to get up from a seated state
  •         Difficulty paying attention or focusing on work
  •         People notice you look tired or sleepy
  •         Loss of memory
  •         Slower responses
  •         Poor emotional regulation
  •         Desire to take multiple naps


Treatment of sleep disorders includes:

  •         Counselling
  •         Medications and supplements
  •         Keeping a regular sleep schedule
  •         Get regular exercise
  •         Reduce noise
  •         Reduce light
  •         Regulate temperature


Unlike other diseases or disorders, sleep disorders may not be fatal but they do affect the overall quality of life so effortlessly and so severely that they can destroy your self-esteem tremendously. Insomnia and sleep apnea stop you from getting the deep sleep you need to function optimally. Do not hesitate to come to Pranaam if you’re struggling with your sleep. Your health is paramount; therefore, the quality of your life depends on the quality of your sleep.


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