Side effects of kids using mobile phones

The Unseen Side Effects of Children Using Mobile Phones

Excessive or inappropriate use of mobile devices by children can potentially lead to various side effects.

Side effects of using mobile phones

Sleep issues: Spending too much time on screens, especially right before bed, can disrupt sleep cyclesBecause blue light from screens suppresses the generation of melatonin, children may have trouble falling asleep.

Eye Pressure: Excessive usage of mobile devices may result in pain, dry eyes, and eye strain. It can cause headaches, vision problems, and many other symptoms.

Physical Wellness Problems: Obesity and related diseases, including musculoskeletal disorders and poor posture, can result from excessive mobile device use and sedentary behaviour.

Delayed Social Development: An excessive amount of screen time can reduce in-person relationships
Mental Issues: A few studies indicate a link between children’s impulsivity, attention deficit disorder, difficulties with self-control, and excessive screen usage.

Reduced Academic Performance: Excessive use of mobile devices may interfere with academic performance by distracting children from their studies or homework.

The risk of Smartphone Addiction: Children who rely too much on their mobile devices for social media or entertainment may develop internet addiction difficulties.

Poor Vision Development: It has been suggested that excessive screen usage, especially in younger children, may cause delays in the development of vision.

Increased Risk of Anxiety and Despair: Excessive use of social media and exposure to specific online content can put some kids at risk of developing anxiety, despair, or feelings of inadequacy.

Parents and other carers must set reasonable screen time restrictions, support a balanced lifestyle that includes exercise and outdoor play, and keep an eye on the information and activities their children are consuming on their devices in order to lessen the possible negative impacts. It’s also important to encourage honest dialogue with kids about ethical digital use.