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A staple feature in hospitals and often referred to as a core discipline, at Pranaam we pride ourselves in being a leader in the industry for General Surgery that offers premium quality surgical treatments and care for patients. From benign to complex life-threatening conditions, our top team of surgeons and multi-specialty experts provide their expertise and skills to perform surgeries using the latest techniques, including minimally invasive laparoscopic specialties known to modern medicine.

Using an exhaustive amount of resources, cutting-edge technology and being assisted by specially trained staff, our surgeons perform procedures to treat a broad range of conditions that curb the health and well-being of our patients. 

Our general surgical precision extends to treating patients who suffer from diseases of the neck, chest, stomach, liver, colon, abdomen, gallbladder, breast, endocrine system, and hernia. Our surgical offerings further drill down to treating other conditions such as skin diseases, appendicitis, soft-tissue, vascular diseases and trauma. 

Our General Surgery services

A surgical procedure that involves the removal of the appendix, to treat acute appendicitis. 

Surgeries that include gastric bypass and weight loss surgeries together are known as Bariatric surgery. This is a surgical alternative when diet or exercise routines haven’t helped in losing weight. The surgery is performed by making changes to the digestive system to help lose weight. 

This procedure entails the removal of all or part of the colon, to treat diseases and conditions that affect this area. 

The spleen helps fight infections and filters unnecessary material in the body such as old or damaged blood cells. A Splenectomy is commonly used to treat a ruptured spleen. However, this procedure may also be used to treat other conditions including an enlarged spleen, infections, blood disorders cancers and noncancerous cysts or tumours. 

The combination of pressure or weakness of muscle and an organ squeezing through the weak spot in the surrounding muscle results in a hernia. A hiatal hernia occurs in the upper stomach region and the Inguinal hernia in the groin area. Ventral hernia can occur in any part of the abdomen due to weakness from infection in the surgical site or previously failed surgical procedure. Selecting the correct type of prosthetic mesh and method of repair plays a key role in repairing this form of hernia. 

This is a surgical procedure that involves removing skin from one area of the body and transplanting it to a different region to treat burns, injuries, infections, bedsores, skin cancers or complications from an illness.

This procedure is performed to take a closer look at the organs surrounding the abdomen and pelvis region of the body so doctors can identify and diagnose various medical conditions and take biopsies. 

A Cholecystectomy is usually a laparoscopic procedure used to remove the gallbladder. This is commonly performed to treat gallstones and prevent any complications they may cause. 

This surgical procedure involves the removal of the urinary bladder. Doctors may perform this surgery to treat certain conditions such as cancers, birth defects in the urinary system or inflammatory disorders that affect the urinary system. 

Haemorrhoids commonly known as piles are swollen veins in the anus and the lower rectum which can cause itching, bleeding and pain. A Hemorrhoidectomy is performed to remove these haemorrhoids. Traditionally a painful procedure has now become painless with the help of advanced techniques such as the use of staplers or lasers, make it painless and scarless.

This procedure involves the removal of two oval-shaped pads of tissue found at the back of the throat known as tonsils. Tonsillectomy is used to treat certain conditions such as enlarged tonsils, bleeding, deep throat bacterial infection and tonsillar abscess. 

This surgery is a sub-specialty that focuses on treating diseases and conditions that affect the endocrine system. The types of surgery that fall under this sub-specialty involve treating the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, osteoporosis and pituitary disorders. 

A breast biopsy is a procedure used to remove a small tissue sample from the breast for lab testing. Doctors use this method to identify and diagnose certain abnormalities such as a lump or thickening in the breast, unusual skin discolouration, discharge or scaling on the nipples. 

Any excess growth in the body that requires an evaluation using histopathological examination can be performed by obtaining an excision of a lump such as simple collection, sebaceous cysts, lymph nodes, dermoid cysts or skin cancer growths. 

There's nothing blissful than hearing a child's laugh or watch them grow right before our eyes. It's another story when their health takes a different turn and our hearts ache while they lay incapacitated with a chronic disease or health condition.

Dr L Jayanth

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Removing infected or diseased Appendix and Tonsils does not harm your body.

Maintaining proper hygiene and getting your sugar levels checked for diabetes regularly will prevent ulcers

Constipation is the major factor contributing for the Haemorrhoids. So avoiding constipation by eating healthy Constipation, low fibre diet, sedentary lifestyle are the major contributing factors to development of Haemorrhoids

After undergoing Cholecystectomy one can lead a normal life like before. After  a laproscopic Cholecystectomy
we chances a getting back to work is even faster

Breast biopsy is done with the fine needle, which will have minimal pain on beer scene. You are anyway, given a local anaesthetic before doing the biopsy.

Look in the mirror to look for symmetry on both sides, examine with your opposite hand lying down for any lumps, examine by standing and feeling for any lumps. Ideally examine 5 to 7 days after the menstrual period