Here is what you can expect from a birthing class

With information available at fingertips, courtesy of the internet,  today there is a great wealth of awareness-creating information available on almost every topic. The same is the case with pregnancy, child care and much more.

However, no matter how much you have read about maintaining a healthy pregnancy, the process of childbirth can still be mysterious, especially if you are expecting your first child.

Handholding, helping you keep calm in those anxious moments, and giving you assurance will become the need of the hour when all the information on the internet seems difficult to process all at once.  That is when childbirth education classes or birthing classes, as they are also called, will come in handy.

Giving you hands-on knowledge and practice on the process of birthing, these exclusive classes will get you prepared on what to expect, from your first contraction to the final push.

These sessions, if attended a few times, will help you reduce your anxiety by preparing for the incredible journey of birthing a child.

Things you will learn in a birthing class

An experienced instructor will be able to answer all your questions. Some of the things that you can learn are as follows:

  • Your instructor will teach you how to breathe, relax and distract yourself. Learning these three exercises becomes very important as they will help you quite a lot during childbirth by relieving you.

  • Birth plans and information on which is the right place for you to give birth (Hospitals or birthing centres).

  • Information on labour positions will help speed and smooth the labour process.

  • Your instructors will also give you enough information on pain relief options and when to seek them.

  • Information on stages of normal deliveries.

  • Whether there is a need for medical intervention such as C-Sections.

  • Introductions to basic baby-handling methods, which will teach you how to feed, and when to feed your baby and gives you information on breastfeeding.

Birthing classes are not only very informative, but they are also suitable platforms to socialise with parents-to-be. They give you great exposure to challenges that other couples face and how you can face them in case you end up in similar situations.

Interacting with other parents-to-be and instructors will allay your fears and make you grow in confidence.

As mentioned earlier, these classes can throw some important insights into birthing centres and hospitals while they will prepare you to anticipate some unexpected surprises which may be thrown at you.