The baby basics!

No doubt you are dreaming about your baby before their arrival. What they will look like, whose features the baby will be born with, what will the baby sound like and what they will feel like in your arms. Curiosity and excitement together, of course! But there are other things you need to be wary of as curiosity and excitement will very soon be paired with challenges, none of which are impossible to overcome though. Any tips to handle and take care of the baby around this phase of parenting are welcome, especially if it’s your first child…  Lot of people have been through the lanes of cluelessness that you are walking through right now. and it is all right. Here’s an article to calm your nerves down, which will help you face some of the challenges in the form of handling visitors, your baby’s clothing and travel.


Yes, your best friends might fight each other to be the first ones to hold your baby. The baby’s aunts, uncles and grandparents might get over-excited and express their wish to stay by them all the time. They are all elated, sure! But try to keep them at bay for a while for a couple of reasons. The first being the baby’s time with the mother for nursing and their health to settle down. Make sure everyone who visits the baby is hygienic and doesn’t carry any infections. Even a common cold could be a danger for the baby. The second reason, why you need to keep visitors at bay is because as new parents, you need to spend the most amount of time with your new-born.They are very alert and receptive and that makes the first few days the perfect time for you to bond as a family. Look them in the eyes, talk to them, help them identify you as they already know your voice from all the talking that happened during the pregnancy. This early bond will be very soothing for the baby.


Do not wrap your baby in too many clothes. Sweating may lead to chills as they cannot regulate their body temperatures until they are at least 6 months old. Pick the softest of clothes and avoid anything that will likely make them uncomfortable. Avoid laces and synthetic clothes, for they might make the baby uncomfortable and fussy.

Travel / Car Safety

People go everywhere and anywhere on two-wheelers in India. But if you are a new parent and do not own a car, do not take the risk of travelling with the new-born on your two-wheeler. It is more risky in many ways than not. From lack of space to lack of grip for those who are holding the baby, the list goes on. Try to make other arrangements in emergencies if you are forced beyond avoiding travel with the baby. Hiring a rickshaw or a taxi for all the hospital visits is advisable if you do not own a car. If you own a car, make sure you have a baby seat fixed. Strap and buckle the baby well into the baby seat and tuck them well as the temperatures in cars can get tricky for babies to handle. Carry their blanket, you might need it if they get cold. Blankets can also be used as extra protective or comfort layers. All the above tips should help you make those slightly tough decisions in the indecisive times. Especially when you’re excited to show your little one off to all your close peeps but are unsure about their safety. Happy parenting to you!